‘Chris is a fun person to work with. He is straight talking and to the point but also a great writer and editor who really understands what his target audience are looking for. It is always a pleasure talking to Chris even if he is on a deadline! Anybody looking for great editorial or advice navigating the ‘scary’ world of journalism should look no further.’

– Amanda Hill, Communications Manager, Oce

‘There is a trend emerging where “companies increasingly assume that what they stand for, in an enduring sense, is more important than what they sell”. Most people would expect this shift to come from the captains of industry and the big brands.

Some have started, but it’s the small companies that are racing away. Chris is one of the finest runners in that race.’

– Leon Benjamin, Author of Winning By Sharing

‘I found Chris to be an extremely intelligent individual who always came up with constructive ideas as to how we could improve our publications. In my view, Chris is very apt in working at a commercial speed in a commercial environment, and always found him to be hard-working and diligent, with a great passion for his work.

He constantly produced work of a high standard and never missed any kind of deadline. I would also say that Chris is an excellent communicator at all levels and portrays a very professional approach.

I have no hesitation in recommending him.’

– Page Tuck, Managing Director, Link Publishing

‘Chris is a great guy who knows his business inside out. You will not go wrong having him do work for you. The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ applies double to Chris: he is not cheap but no one can beat his value for money. He delivers twice what you would expect – every time!’

– J William (Bill) Moore, CEO, HFTC

‘Chris is excellent for all Comms: witty, caring, intellectual, but can also see the words from our view: handles massive amounts of disparate inputs and comes back with tangible, interesting reading, informative views that mean we see the strength of our own knowledge. Once you have worked with Chris, then to find an alternative will be like looking for the gold at the end of a rainbow.’

– Keith Willett, Founder, Sanderson & Neale Group

‘No messing. A true journo who really knows his stuff. Highly recommended.’

– Simon Apps, Managing Director, Professional Images Limited

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