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Authentic or corporate?

January 7, 2010

In terms of your online voice, an interesting question.

Following meeting the guys at funky digital Agency Yucca today, we discussed this poser amongst other things. And it can be a minefield, of course.

If – like Yucca – you’re a cool, young and savvy operation, with a great client base, some stunning corporates on board, as well as quite an edgy Brand, the question of what tone of voice to have online can be tricky.

The Yucca example is a good one: they have maintained an authentic, but knowledgable, voice online, via their blog and twitter feeds. Not an easy task, after all, the pressures to deliver a voice which is more pleasing to a corporate ear must be tempting to any developing and growing Agency which is attracting the attenton of some heavyweight marketing directors in corporate UK boardrooms.

However, authenticity does, of course, have its own value, as the Yucca management team have discovered. Whilst there is a time and place for corporate language, it all comes down to the requirements of the target audience, doesn’t it? They’ve certainly got no qualms about delivering fresh, original, authentic content to their audience. Not all regional Agencies are as brave.

Authenticity is a scarce commodity these days: just look at the anodyne corporate blogs out there, the hollow twitter feeds being delivered by PRs for clients, the dry and brittle blogs which are being updated weekly. Nothing authentic, Nothing inspiring. Nothing to make one think, get creative, be informed, educated, entertained. Basically, nothing to make the reader stay.

Checking out the Yucca blog, there is a real slice of life there: the Christmas party, for example, the building of a snowman: it gives an authentic slice of life in the Agency, which brings us the audience closer to the team and how they interact in real-time.

I think this is hugely valuable in these anodyne times. It shows us that authenticity is still alive. Still surviving.

So, the next time you feel pulled between using an authentic online voice and going ‘corporate’ to try and write what you think you should…my advice is simple. Authenticity rules, every time. Bravo Yucca, keep it authentic, the blog‘s a fantastic read. It’s also great to see creatives delivering awesome work outside of Soho – proving, again, what a powerhouse Bristol really is.

Attitude. Insight. Expertise. Passion. Authenticity. When these things are lost, what hope is there for the creative industries?