PR and journalism link-up website nets £millions

April 8, 2010

Full story here today.

The sale of five-year-old PR and journalism collaboration website Gorkana, which provides PRs with one of the largest media contact databases in the industry, and journalists with a platform to push out editorial requirements, has been sold, netting the co-founders a multi-million deal in the process. Today, for them, is indeed a good day.

But what does it mean for the rest of us?

For me, it highlights the following things:

* Information and connections are still premium-level assets, which businesses will pay handsomely for

* PR and journalism can co-exist, as long as groundrules are set firmly in place prior to engagement

* Online content can be highly profitably, if packaged appropriately and with the end-user in mind

What are you doing to ensure that your online content, connections and information are premium-level assets? Do you handle it all yourself, or call in professional help? Do you work in PR and/or journalism and use Gorkana?

More importantly, for me, isn’t Gorkana also an incredible source of information for businesses and marketers? Can you use it?

The increasing realisation that information, content and connections are lucrative assets will see many more sales of this kind over the next 12 months, I predict. And congratulations to the Gorkana management team for spotting the opportunity now.


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