You thought social media content was random? Think again.

April 6, 2010

And here’s the proof.

It’s a scientific art, by the looks of it, to produce and effectively distribute social media content on the right platforms at the right times to the right audiences. Some of us, of course, already knew this revolutionary piece of information. To some, it’s news.

Great article from Jason Baer on socialmediatoday, which clearly highlights a strong belief of mine, too, around social media content – you can create content which cascades across a number of social media platforms with appropriate tweaks.

Social media content monitoring, too, is now a purely scientific act – with the plethora of measuring and monitoring tools and techniques available, there is no reason why full understanding of the effectiveness, placement, popularity and positioning of social media content cannot be explored and utilised across numerous social media platforms. Truly profitable content usage.

I particularly like Baer’s content ladder diagram – this shows how social media content moves down a funnel via different social media platforms, being tweaked and used at each stage. The detractors of social media and ‘prove traditional ROI, dammit’ would do well to study this diagram and learn. Added-value alone from social media content re-distribution can be considerable.

Even more considerable when you think about how much the average London ad agencies charge for 1 piece of Campaign content.

Social media content is not random, it’s highly developed. Well, when it’s delivered professionally, of course. Fabulous article.


2 Responses to “You thought social media content was random? Think again.”

  1. Jay Baer said

    BE – Thanks so much for the kind words about my content ladder approach. I’m glad we’re on the same page. I’m looking forward to that type of thinking gaining currency, as brands seek some sort of efficiencies for what is largely today a chaos-filled situation.

    • bristoleditor said

      Hi Jay

      Many thanks for commenting here – much appreciated.

      The content ladder is one of the most useful demonstrations I’ve seen of something I’ve been telling clients for months! Simple and effective.

      It’s also great to see clear thinking around the seemingly-chaotic world of social media content. Not really chaotic, as we both know!

      Thanks again.

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