Social media lessons from the Masters

March 25, 2010

Well, according to Mashable, they are – and here it is.

Actually, content from experienced, proven and engaged online marketers and social media masters (I refrain from using the awful terms ‘guru’ or ‘expert’ seeing as there are so many consultants who are new to social media, and yet find these terms relevant in their new pitches to potential clients seem to advocate using them, that the words have absolutely no meaning or relevance anymore) given to us from the venerable web pages of Mashable is always worth a look.

I particularly like Seth Godin‘s words: “Social media isn’t about you, it’s about them.”

How pertinent this comment is within a framework of delivering truly effective and engaging social media content.

Chris Brogan‘s pearls of wisdom are also resonating: “Content is my best B2B social media lesson. I’ve seen many companies learn that providing interesting content (like video testimonials or how-to information) is a great way to encourage prospects, warm up leads, and convert to sales opportunities.”

There are many other useful hints and tips in the Mashable post. It’s simple, common sense, relationship-building advice. The post, for me, sums up the basics really effectively, namely:

* Get the content produced professionally

* Ensure you leave your selling hat in the boardroom

* Remember that the most valuable communication skill these days is that of listening

Social media lessons always seem to be a bit more genuine and meaningful from the guys who’ve been doing it successfully for a while, the guys who got involved with blogging years ago, the guys who don’t sell anything, the guys who give advice freely.

These are the social media Masters I follow. And they all value creative, inspiring, engaging content. Who are you following?


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