The most radical shift in client-agency relationships ever seen?

March 18, 2010

This could well be – and long overdue, too.

It’s the first chapter in an upcoming book by Win Without Pitching author Blair Enns, a business development consultant with some of the most radical ideas in changing the traditional client-agency relationship dynamics around pitching and winning business I think I’ve seen. Read the chapter and decide for yourself if you’re happy with the way you win new business.

This isn’t a post from me about blogging, social media, journalism, SEO copywriting, media relations or any of the other specialist subjects I usually discuss. But what Blair talks about affects us all. It will affect how you do business, too. Incredible insights.

True value being placed on creativity, on expertise, on unique delivery – for these reasons, I find Win Without Pitching compelling. It touches everything we do as creatives, and forces us to stand up and define our own client relationships.

And if you’re not doing that already – try it. Bravo indeed, Blair.


2 Responses to “The most radical shift in client-agency relationships ever seen?”

  1. Blair has spoken at DBA events annually for the last 3 or 4 years now and he consistently gets excellent feedback – the highest rated speaker we have ever had. DBA members who have heard him have been inspired. Several of them have changed their business model to fit his ideals and are going from strength to strength.
    I heartily recommend seeing him live if you can.

  2. bristoleditor said

    Hi Adam

    Many thanks for your inputs – much appreciated.

    It is going to be a must-see event in Bristol in September, that’s pretty clear. Bravo!

    Best wishes,


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