Blogging profitability hits new potential high point

March 14, 2010

At least, according to this report from

The launch of Fraxion Payments, designed to integrate micropayments into bloggers potential revenue streams, could well add a significant additional revenue stream – taking away the prohibitive content paywall issue for many cash-strapped bloggers.

The idea is beautifully simple – blog readers can view part of an article, but to see the full content stream, they nedd to register and make their micropayment via Fraxion Payments. The blogger gains small, mutiple revenues. There is no full-scale paywall or subscription model to contend with, making it easy and convenient for the reader to access the required content online.

Sounds great in theory. And, according to the founders, it could assist the mass of redundant creatives currently blogging and engaging on social media networks to add some moolah for their publishing efforts on the blogosphere.

I have 1 main issue here.

When was the last time anybody you know actually paid to read a blogger’s content?

Sure, we’re happy to pay for premium content, specialised information, Ebooks, and the like – but to actually make a micropayment to engage with a blogger’s postings? Big ask. I am not sure the UK audience is ready for this just yet.

What do you think?


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