Making your profile profitable

March 10, 2010

This statement raises a number of questions for those interested in their profile.

Firstly, what is a profile?

It could cover profile as in online reputation.

It could cover profile as in offline perception.

It could cover a social media profile, or profiles.

It could cover a company profile being presented to the Press.

It could cover an individual’s profile to a prospect.

It could – and I believe does – cover all of the above.

But how do you make your profile profitable? This depends on what you define as ‘profitable’ in the first place. Much is currently being written and commented upon regarding ROI and profiles, particularly within social media platforms.

The traditional broadcast marketers are poo-pooing social media profiles and engagement online, sticking to their one-way marketing campaigns and relying on the same results as they’ve always gained. This won’t cut it in a changing customer mindset.

Gaining a profitable profile is, for me, a combination of utilising the following elements:

* Delivering fresh, unique, useful content on a regular basis

* Working that content across relevant multiple online platforms

* Engaging with contacts, interested parties, potential prospects

* Giving freely of information, knowledge and expertise

* Raising profile via multiple channels and connections

* Utilising different marketing techniques and tools

* Losing the broadcast messaging and trying two-way customer retention

* Openly collaborating with leaders in the field to share knowledge and win business

* Regularly reviewing what’s working well – and discarding the rest

What would you add to the list? How do you make your profile profitable?


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