SkimKit: An incredible content-enhancing opportunity, or more sales-speak?

March 7, 2010

Time will tell, but this opportunity from could change the way we produce and deliver online content for good.

The new services, called SkimKit, offers content-producers online with what looks like an incredible opportunity – to link in their content and advertising seamlessly via the SkimKit platform and database. Giving a mix of editorial content and advertising revenue which could well, if the model works, provide significant additional cash from content online in ways not seen before.

It looks like a great idea. The platform seems easy enough to use, and the database of affiliates is impressive.

I have a query – what will our audiences make of it? That is, of course, the killer question.

All initial questions aside – bearing in mind that at the centre of my thinking is a ‘cynical editor’ default position – I hope that SkimFit proves content producers online with the additional revenues they so definitely deserve. After all, we know content is the key to success and attraction online, in terms of keeping audiences buzzed, bookmarking, re-tweeting and buying.


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