Celebrity PR – a lost cause?

February 26, 2010

For me, the jury’s out, given the latest developments here from the Clifford camp.

OK, so Max holds court over a certain section of the Press very well indeed – that’s without contention – and he has clearly improved the reputations of countless celebrities over the years, not just in the UK, but on an international scale. Good PR delivery.

But my main problem with celebrity PR is this. We all know its spin.

The client knows its spin.

The Press regurgitates the spin.

The readerships know its spin.

So, where is the value? Is it just to raise newspaper and magazine sales, whilst giving the celebrity and Max a cosy pay packet? My main point is – where is the ACTUAL value to the reader? Do they accept they’re reading a piece of reputation management, without substance, and in some cases, any style, either?

In these times of increasing digitalisation, more demanding and discerning, media-savvy audiences online, where does celebrity PR sit in the longer-term? I am struggling to find a place for it to actually exist. Apart from the red tops, of course.

The point came to me as I was overviewing a few favourite social media and content sites – where there is consistently useful, interesting, engaging content. Then I caught the latest piece of Clifford client spin. And it looked like a lost cause.

What value do you think celebrity PR has, if any?


2 Responses to “Celebrity PR – a lost cause?”

  1. […] PR dying? I wish… By deathknockingjournalism Interesting post on the Bristol Editor blog today suggesting the Celebrity PR could be a dying […]

  2. bristoleditor said

    Many thanks!

    Nice points made on your blog around this point too…

    Best wishes

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