Why your blog is still the foundation to social media success

February 23, 2010

And, yes, this is despite the advances of the Goliaths online such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Blogs still rule.

I posted on the importance of blogs towards the end of last year here, and a well-rounded, consistent, informative, non-selling blog still, for me, represents the essential building-block upon which a content-based social media strategy should be based.

But why? Don’t just take my word for it.

For example, here’s 7 reasons with which I whole-heartedly agree from the excellent Deb Ng, founder of Freelance Writing Gigs online, on why building a blog as a central presence can – over time – reap rewards on several levels.

And, despite the really useful inputs on building audience trust to then carefully place relevant paid-for slots, advertising et al into the blog mix, I think a blog delivers far more than specific revenue on that one platform alone. It is essential to social media growth, awareness, credibility and sales interest across a number of platforms. It also saves you time and money.

Imagine this – and I have discussed producing single sets of blog content for multiple publication giving maximum effect before, so bear with me – but if you’re new to the blog, the idea is pretty simple. And incredibly effective.

You post a blog. It’s fed automatically into your Twitter, Friendfeed, LinkedIn and Facebook business pages, along with other platforms where your target audiences are hanging out. These respective audiences pass it on, re-tweet, comment upon, add their inputs, and build the content into an ongoing discussion, debate – giving you the opportunity to further highlight your skills, expertise and passion for the content topic. You become the go-to guy (or gal).

When did you last see a DM piece deliver this? Or a stand-alone press release? Or even a face-to-face networking meeting?

I know, I am biased – and believe me, I’ve networked with more life coaches than you can imagine. Sighs.

So, a well-executed blog rocks, rules, and generally wins hands-down for me.

It delivers content you control when you want it out there to the right audiences globally.

It supports and nurtures your social media content.

It delivers cost-effective promotion which is neither hard-selling nor intrusive in any way.

It also saves you from breakfast networking with life coaches – and for that benefit alone, I’m standing by my blog.

I don’t miss the soggy bacon, rubber eggs, and over-use of the word ‘synergy’ either.


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