Media Hints, Part 6: Tips from inside the newsroom

February 22, 2010

So, imagine the scene…

You’ve sent your shiny, perfectly-formed, stunningly-interesting press release to all your target Press. Not a single irrelevant media contact has been emailed. You have absolute confidence in the power of the story contained within your PR correspondence.

And then?

Nothing, nada, zilch. Three days pass and not a single, salutory email or phone call from any of the contacted Editors.

What next?

Don’t fret, panic or take it personally.

In the last newsroom I worked in recently, I received 250 emails per day from company PRs, in-house marketers and PR Agencies dealing on behalf of clients across the UK. And roughly 10% of them were actually worth reading. As in, worth taking a closer look because they were fundamentally newsworthy and may have interested my readerships. No sales pitches, PR spin, irrelevant waffle, just good old-fashioned News.

So, are you being honest with yourself?

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Is the press release just a poorly-worded sales effort?

2. Is it really relevant to the target readership?

3. Is it about current or upcoming News in the business, or a re-hashed story from three months ago?

4. Is the accompanying image of appropriate quality for the publication or online portal?

5. Is the editorial well-written, punchy and without waffle – does it succinctly tell the story?

6. Have you given the press release to a third party to check before emailing it to the Press?

If you can pass the above questions, and still no contact from the Press, be patient. Be persistent. Keep sending the right PR, in the right format, at the right time, and within their deadlines. They’ll get to it eventually.

Oh – and never, ever, ever ring an Editor to see if they’ve received it. You’ll often find an expletive offends.


4 Responses to “Media Hints, Part 6: Tips from inside the newsroom”

  1. chris hutt said

    Only one D in nada (spanish). Couldn’t resist picking up on an editorial lapse.

  2. hugh_d said

    Colleague received an email today from Rubella’s chum Lara:

    “26th February is Work Your Proper Hours Day, so if you are in the habit of getting in before everyone else and leaving at silly o’clock, use this day to get your work/life balance back. So, the plan is to arrive at your desk at 9am, take a walk during lunch and close down your computer at 5.30pm. But we all know this won’t help your workload, so if you’re starting to feel anxious that you can’t get everything done, have a few drops of Rescue Remedy to take the edge off and provide support when you need a little help.
    Rescue Remedy is a combination of five Bach Original Flower Essences specially blended to help you cope with everyday stressful situations and is world-famous for helping restore inner calm and managing daily stresses. For more information, go to Always read the label.”

    Says it all really.


    • bristoleditor said

      Hi Hugh

      Many thanks for your inputs – wow, that’s an absolute PR turkey, and then some. Rubella would be sooo proud, she’d choke on her sushi.

      You absolute star, much appreciated. Keep them coming, a pleasure to publish here.

      Best wishes

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