New opportunities for bloggers? Depends if they get paid…

February 19, 2010

…and that is the point in question here which raises interesting issues.

Fashion magazine Vice is recruiting bloggers to provide editorial inputs, event blogs, and general ambassadorship of the magazine and all it stands for within the fashion industry. Sounds like a great opportunity. But here’s the catch.

‘Blogs that are regularly updated and “reflect a Vice sensibility” will be considered for inclusion in the Vice Blogging Network (VBN), Nicole Kai from the magazine told

This is not an opportunity to write for Vice, but rather a chance for the title to highlight relevant and independently-run sites.’

And what do the bloggers get for their dedicated efforts? A bit of exposure and the ‘reward’ of using a VBN badge on their blog. Wow. How uber-cool. Doesn’t seem to be too much of a deal from here.

After all, if they’re blogging content which is good enough to be effectively endorsed by Vice and published, surely it’s good enough for them to actually get paid for it too? Payment for copy produced – now that, to me, is an opportunity.

Just a thought. What do you think?


5 Responses to “New opportunities for bloggers? Depends if they get paid…”

  1. Nicole Kai said

    Hey there, yes, we do sometimes offer paid opportunities to bloggers as well as tickets to concerts and special Vice events. For more information go to

    Ta x

    • bristoleditor said

      Hi Nicole

      Many thanks for the comments – much appreciated.

      Good to see bloggers being rewarded with more than goodwill too! Keep it up.

  2. brad3091 said

    bristoleditor, I’m part of VBN and have done freelance writing for several magazines, as well as local papers etc. It’s very difficult to make a blog seem credible; if people ever do stumble across it, I’m fairly sure that many of them just grunt and move on. An association with Vice is valuable in making certain groups of potential readers think ‘oh, this might actually make for some decent reading’.

    Oh, and then there’s also the free CDs and pizza…


  3. Thank you for this blog, keep up the informative posting. There is a great company that is starting a paid to tweet site. Its backed by a Well known web design company in North Carolina. You should check it out. The address to it is in my name in this comment. Don’t want to double post it :).

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