Kwik Fit – customers deliver their verdict

February 16, 2010

This is the extension of a sorry tale – my own experiences here. The story tells:

How I was lied to by Kwik Fit management.

How I had my time wasted.

How I was the subject of attempted mis-selling of non-required items for my car.

How Kwik Fit turned my car into a death trap.

How their senior management evaded the issues and covered it up.

How Kwik Fit’s PR team attempted to undermine my story, rather than resolve the issues.

How Kwik Fit senior management never once saw fit to resolve the life-threatening practices every UK customer is at risk from.

And, it appears, I am not alone. Far from it. Here are some of the multitude of customer comments of their experiences with Kwik Fit, as posted on my original blog:

“We contacted them immediately. The car had barely gone more than 3 miles – they refused to accept anything wrong had happened and refused to accept they had forced a sale my wife didn’t want at any stage. They were rude, ignored us and ignored any negative comments I made.”

“I have worked in the so called “fast fit” industry for 28 years.

I would never entertain working for Kwik Fit.

It is common knowledge within my industry that Kwik Fit centre staff are put under tremendous pressure by the senior Kwik Fit managers to hit targets. The only way you can achieve your target on Kwik Fit, and keep your job, is by ripping people off.

The senior Kwik Fit managers telephone the centre managers several times every day for “updates” and if they have not sold enough tyres, tracking, brakes etc they are “encouraged” to sell more to the next poor bugger who drives onto the forecourt.

Kwik Fit have what they call “ticket values” which measures how much money the centre staff have taken off each customer. They require a ticket value of around £150 !

So if you go in there for a simple puncture repair, which is around the £20 mark, they then go to work on getting another £130 worth of work out of you, that in most cases you do not need.

Whilst the Kwik Fit area manager may be concerned about the quality of workmanship on your rear brakes, and he may have an internal investigation, don’t expect him to care about the mis-selling, after all that is how he gets his bonus!

Kwik Fit senior management are very good at laying the blame for mis-selling at the door of the lads in the centres, when in reality if they didn’t harass them several times a day they wouldn’t feel under such pressure to rip people off.

My advice is to give this awful company a very wide birth!!!”

“I was told, the front and back break systems needed replacing totally, new cylinders, cables, springs, pads, discs, brake fluid the list goes on…. total nearly £1000. The car is only worth about £800!!!

I said I can’t afford it and could he kindly put the car back together so I can get it home. But was assured it was safe to drive.

I have now had 2 other garages look at the car and GUESS WHAT…..Only the front brake pads and discs need replacing, totalling between £100-£175.

NONE of the other things need doing. NONE.

The lovely guy who is now fixing my car, used to work for the awful company, and has told me a few ‘tricks’ that they do. My leaking brake fluid, would have been in fact lots of wd40 sprayed on it make it look leaky. Nice.”

“I am completely shocked at what I have heard tonight. And think that now it is time for someone ie from the company to stand up and show just how low Kwik Fit are willing to stoop. I myself would love to share what problems we are having but at the moment it is in hands of solicitors and would not want to do anything to jeopardize our case.”

Shocking stuff. And still no formal response, resolution or even apology from Kwik Fit has hit my inbox. Begs the questions: does Kwik Fit have the worst corporate reputation in the UK? Add your experiences here. Lobby Kwik Fit on Twitter via their account @Kwik_Fit. Join this group on Twitter. Join this Facebook page to share your experiences.

Let’s ensure their silence deafens them in the boardroom. We are all owed professional and prompt customer service.

And as we all know, when it comes to corporate reputation, facing up to corporate responsibilities is the only acceptable action.


4 Responses to “Kwik Fit – customers deliver their verdict”

  1. Mike Joseph said

    Watch out whenever a garage tells you your car needs new brake discs. Usually they will just be rusty or slightly pitted and can be cleaned by giving it a blast up the motorway and braking several times from speed (obviously when it’s safe to do so). I was told by a Toyota main dealer after a service that my car would soon new discs. I ignored it and the car, with the same discs, went on to pass five more MoT tests done by a local garage.

  2. bristoleditor said

    Hi Mike

    Thanks for the inputs – not sure I can link in Kwik Fit and Toyota, it would be negative association. Perhaps.

    And still – some 48 hours after the deadline set by Kwik Fit Operations Manager Dave Rees to me in person on 11 February – I have heard nothing from Kwik Fit, Kwik Fit management or Kwik Fit’s PR team, who seemed to think an appropriate response to the above life-risk issue of a customer was to attempt to discredit the story to the Press. Tut tut.

    Seems I might have to remind them of English Libel Law in a polite but firm phone call soon. I will, of course, update here on how they respond on behalf of Kwik Fit, seeing as Dave Rees has gone AWOL. Nice.

  3. Alison Coles said

    Hi Mike

    We are having a terrible time with Kwik Fit – we have been trying to get our issue resolved since last December. Despite urgent emails and calls requseting head of Customer service to conatct me I have heard nothing from customer service for 13 days and our car has been at the Horsham branch all that time. They really do not care. I would like to share our scenario with you and perhaps gain some advie on best way to persue/expose the company. They really offer no customer service AT ALL, just total customer defense. Do you have a private email i could send a copy of the email I wrote for you to peruse?
    Ali Coles

    • bristoleditor said

      Hi Ali

      Many thanks for your inputs – another shocking example to add to the growing list here and on other customer service review sites.

      I recommend that you do the following:

      Contact your local Trading Standards department and highlight your case immediately
      Ring the news editors of your local daily newspapers, TV and radio stations with your story
      Email the Guardian Money section, BBC Watchdog and other National newspaper desks
      Join the anti-fan page on Facebook – simply type ‘Kwik Fit’ into the Facebook search section
      Add your comments there, as well as joining the ‘Hard Sell Fiends’ list on Twitter
      Keep adding your experiences here as they develop – happy to further publicise your issues

      If you follow me on Twitter @BristolEditor, you can send me a PM there. We’ll talk further.

      Best wishes again

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