The lessons we can all learn from one entrepreneurial journalist

February 14, 2010

And they are powerful lessons indeed, according to this blog.

It’s a brilliant, inspiring and visionary tale of how New York business journalist Michelle Leder turned a home office business into a significant commercial proposition – one which a financial heavyweight has bought into on a big scale. Kind of, buying the entire business scale. It’s an incredible story.

One of my favourite parts of the blog post is:

“And it’s also a perfect example how of a modern journalist no longer needs a job at a major media outlet to build a satisfying and remunerative career. Whether you have a job or not, the secret to journalistic success in the future is to become an entrepreneur by developing a specialty (or two or three) – and then working tirelessly to brand yourself as a recognized expert in the field. The low costs of online publishing make it easy to hang out your shingle on any conceivable subject and then to leverage the viral power of the web to build an audience.”

It’s a great story of online entrepreneurship in action. Many thanks to author Alan Mutter for sharing it. I simply had to pass it on.


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