Managing corporate reputation – are you taking care of business?

February 7, 2010

It appears, judging from this last week, that not all companies take their online reputation management that seriously.

A fatal mistake, given the plethora of bloggers, tweeters, real-time media producers et al currently circling on the Internet waiting for the next story to hit. And when it comes to online reputation management, we all like to see a bit of action, don’t we?

Look at this, for example – the whole hiatus regarding Toyota‘s Prius and the recalling of 270,000 cars for braking issues – good to see the CEO addressing the issue immediately, and ensuring that whilst their reputation may be suffering slightly, they’re taking their corporate social responsibilities seriously. Risking customers’ lives usually needs a pretty swift response to reduce stakeholder fear and marketplace ramifications. But hey, we all know that. Basic stuff.

Are you managing your corporate reputation? Do you monitor online? After all, head in the sand won’t cut it these days, and platforms such as Twitter hold testimony to this. A rigorous, thorough and consistent approach is what’s needed for today’s businesses, to ensure their reputation survives the twist and turns of day-to-day trading intact and in a healthy fashion.

Do you remember the Kryptonite Locks example? It highlighted the importance of timing in reputation management issues.

Managing corporate reputation is a hugely-complex subject, given the rapid and unprecedented growth of social media – how does a company monitor the Internet, respond in an appropriate and timely fashion, ensuring they protect their Brand?

It is clear that managing corporate reputation online can no longer be an afterthought – as this article clearly demonstrates. I particularly liked this quote:

“Reputations are damaged by consumer review sites where a catalogue of mistakes is visible to end consumers.”

Taken from this site covering online reputation management. Great hints and tips which are, ultimately, relevant to anybody engaging an online audience with products and services. The essential message here? A problem online will not disappear.

The final word on corporate reputation management? I’ll leave it to this excellent post on Mashable. Are you protecting, managing and enhancing your corporate reputation? If not, why not? You could end up like these guys.


2 Responses to “Managing corporate reputation – are you taking care of business?”

  1. Jac said

    Toyota’s ‘CEO addressing the issue immediately’ – maybe but only after the debacle surrounding Toyota accelerator pedals. – here’s BBC’s Working Lunch catching Toyota out into admitting they knew of a problem back in 2008, certainly not ‘addressing the issue immediately’ in this case.

    • bristoleditor said

      Hi Jac

      Many thanks.

      Toyota have been seen, more recently, to be making an effort to engage and address the issues – some response is better than no response. For starters.



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