So, your PR agency doesn’t advocate social media? You know what to do.

February 4, 2010

Excellent post here which I keep coming back to time and time again, on the rise and rise of influence of social media in all communication – and it raises a question for those utilising PR agencies and consultancies. Is your PR consultant or agency advocating social media to you, explaining the benefits, investigating and researching on your behalf, setting you up on relevant sites? No? Time to find a new PR provider. You’ll save yourself and your target Press time, trust me.

For example, 70% of the journalists questioned for the Econsultancy posting above stated that they regularly used RSS feeds to source and develop News and features items. RSS is one of the most basic online tools a business can use, and yet it has hugely powerful benefits, along with the mix of social media tools and techniques available to clients at low cost and higher return.

Blogging, tweeting, friendfeed, facebook…the list is seemingly endless, but with appropriate expertise, social media can represent an incredible resource for the media, clients and new potential clients alike, looking to find out more about the services and products a business offers. It also makes the media’s job easier, with increased content sources online.

If I were a client looking to source effective, contemporary and passionate PR for my business, I’d want to know that the consultant or agency could deliver the goods across a range of media, and not just arrange a lunch with 2 or 3 journos.

The Ab Fab days of PR are long gone – are you making sure your PR representation is relevant and utilising social media?


3 Responses to “So, your PR agency doesn’t advocate social media? You know what to do.”

  1. Robin Ong said

    Maybe they have other way of promoting your company…newspaper lol

  2. Roy Wells said

    I contacted an old friend when I had an idea of how he could utilize a number of social media tactics into a solid strategy to promote his personal brand and company. After giving him some solid ideas, he told me that he was working with a company for the past year, and they were handling his social media. Basically saying thanks but no thanks. He had few LinkedIn connections, no Fan page, and no blog. He did have a very expensive web site. I think I will send him your post. Well done and thanks.

    • bristoleditor said

      Hi Roy

      Many thanks for your input – much appreciated.

      As we’re seeing more and more, an expensive website will not drive traffic, increase hits, build a loyal fan base or stimulate sales – an integrated approach which centres upon killer content is the way forward. The PRs know it. The SEO experts know it. The social media evangelists know it.

      Most importantly, potential customers and clients have always known it.

      Sounds like your friend could do with some education! Please feel free to pas the post on, hoping it helps.



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