The power of words – have we forgotten?

February 1, 2010

These guys certainly haven’t. Awesome clip on the power of words here.

It’s worth remembering – in these times of throwaway tweets, video-clip-enhanced blogs, multimedia overload, the domination of YouTube and now touchscreen iPads, the one thing which holds it all together and makes it tangible for audiences and advertisers is powerful words.

Think on this:

* When you see a powerful TV advert, it’s the words which often call you to action

* If you read a compelling blog, the words are what stays with you

* When you remember a great movie, it’s the words which flood back to you, years later

* The most powerful tweets usually drive us towards an emotive response via wonderful words: see @paulocoelho

* Even though our attention spans are reducing, media soundbites are still only, in effect, carefully-crafted words

* The rise of podcasts holds much of its success to the spoken word

In the drive for revenue models from online content, have we forgotten the power of words? I wonder. This is a stunning reminder of the reasons why we buy into products, services, companies and individuals. It’s the power of words.

Maybe it’s worth remembering the power of words – make each one count. People always remember powerful words.


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