Media Hints, Part 5: Make your PR work harder

January 29, 2010

This tip is going to annoy all those PR Agencies which try and advocate separate content for all media relations, so they can charge a copyright fee for every new content distribution on behalf of their clients.

And the fifth tip?

Simple: re-use and re-distribute your PR content as many times as possible and in as many different places (online and offline) as possible. Gain extra exposure, increased content leverage, greater reach for your key messages, and – the main benefit for smaller businesses – added value for the same content across different channels and via re-usage. And no additional copyright fees.

So, how does this work? Again, it’s very simple.

You write a blog post – content position number one. Then consider this: extend it to form a press release for localised News outlets. Position number two. Tweak it slightly so it can then go to trade magazines. Position number three. Throw in some search keywords and push it out across online industry forums. Position number four. And why not also consider using the basis of the content for an email promo to your key clients too? Position number five. If its got wide enough appeal, push it across your Twitter and Friendfeed accounts too. Positions number six and seven.

Hey presto – one piece of content, slightly amended, and used in different formats and giving maximum return. Now pick up the phone and ask your PR if they’re delivering this kind of content for you today. If not – why not? Post their answers here.


2 Responses to “Media Hints, Part 5: Make your PR work harder”

  1. Michael said

    If you think it through, you can plan these things ahead and run a pretty neat mini campaign. I’m currently working on a communications campaign to run during a major trade fair, and what’s new this year is the level of interaction and integration. Immense fun and pretty impressive in terms of scope. The impressiveness doesn’t come from the writer, by the way, it comes from the tools that are now available to him/her.

    • bristoleditor said

      Hi Michael

      Many thanks for the comments – much appreciated.

      And I completely agree with your main point – impressiveness is indeed delivered by the way the writer uses the tools, not necessarily the writer.



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