“The future is individual journalists, not big media.”

January 17, 2010

A quote which just about sums up British offline publishing at times for me, from this story over the weekend.

The departure of Greg Hadfield, head of digital at Telegraph Media Group marks another nail in the coffin for the mainstream Press in the UK, but also highlights ongoing issues for offline content producers and distributors as a whole in this country.

The fact that Hadfield is off to join a cool, funky, contemporary agency and partner with some of the top Brands in delivering new and innovative content-based digital solutions also proves that journalism and entrepreneurship can co-exist. Or they should.

Let’s face it, if you’re a content producer – whether that’s a Hack, commercial copywriter, business editor, newly-qualified journalist or similar – and your offline medium is being continually cut to pieces to extinction, what would you do? Stay on board until the last editorial liferaft has set sail for digital safety, or re-invent yourself, learn new skills, get online and secure a career?

No brainer, really. And the future does actually look bright for agencies and individuals which are embracing digital  and getting online. Pretty simple business concept: go where your customers are. Give them what they want, when and where.

Hadfield went onto say:

“The future is much more diverse. There’s not a dichotomy between being a journalist and an entrepreneur – the future is the individual journalist, not big media. The challenge is for big, monolithic media to recognise that being entrepreneurial is corporate ethos, to reflect in the structure to leverage the skills of the individual within the organisation.”

Here’s a guy I respect and admire – aswell as the agency he’s left the Telegraph Media Group for. Interesting times, indeed.


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