Who makes and breaks the news – traditional vs. online

January 12, 2010

The debate rages on here today, and it’s a cracker.

The traditionalists standing their ground, claiming they create and break the news stories of the day. The online avante garde reiterating the growing importance of platforms such as Twitter in reporting news stories way, way before the newsroom hacks even smell the story. Why is it important? Does the average News consumer really care where their content comes from?

We’ve already seen the lack of loyalty in audience number as hundreds of thousands leave the traditional act of buying a newspaper in favour of free online News instead. The younger generation continue to shun newspapers, catching up online.

The social media platforms rise and rise in influence – breaking stories across Twitter have become the norm, with offline journos left clutching at their latest twitter feed to create their own content version. News replication is rife and rising.

Stalwarts continue to support their offline newspaper brands – and the magazine market has seen a drift of loyal readers to faster, funkier, free online variants.

What is clear from the excellent Guardian article is this: unless we take our content TO the audience in the places they want it, making and breaking News rapidly becomes a secondary mission to actually keeping the publication alive in business terms.

Think relevance. Think positioning. Think audiences online. Forget everything you knew and try something different. Now.


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