Traditional Hack vs. Social Media-savvy Content Creator

December 13, 2009

Put yourself in the shoes of an editorial director or marketing manager for a moment. They are recruiting for new talent.

The challenge is this: to recruit a wordsmith, to deliver content across the business, over a range of publications online and offline, who can embrace audiences in the places they are hanging out and engage new customers without ruffling an editorial feather.

You have two candidates – a Traditional Hack and a Social Media-savvy Content Creator.

Candidate 1 – the Traditional Hack. Here’s how this one shapes up:

10 years’ newsroom experience, on newspapers only

No online content delivery experience or knowledge of CMS

No personal blog, Facebook account or Twitter feed

No knowledge of how online publications work

No experience of liaising with sales teams to increase revenues

No passion or push for digital delivery of content

HMMM. Ok, here’s the basics for Candidate 2 – the Social Media-savvy Content Creator:

10 years’ commercial content production experience, across newspapers, magazines, and online portals

Able to work on a range of CMS programmes

A well-established personal blog, Facebook profile and daily-updated Twitter account

Knowledgeable and conversant on the commercial realities of online publishing

Comfortable dealing closely with sales teams to create increased revenues

Driven to deliver on all things digital, with examples of creating content for multiple platform publication

Which candidate do you employ? No-brainer really.

If you’re working with content creators, make sure you get a contemporary solution not a hardened, old-school Hack.


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