Bloggers overtaking mainstream media – long overdue?

December 8, 2009

The publication of the annual State of the Blogosphere report by pre-eminent tracking site Technorati usually presents interesting reading, and this year’s addition presents further compelling information to the ongoing debate regarding the value of blogging.

Technorati currently tracks five million blogs across the blogosphere. There have been a few surprise facts coming from the statistics: the majority of bloggers, according to Technorati, are educated and affluent, and with the average blogger interviewed having written a blog for two or more years.

This confirms that blogging is no longer another online trend, but rather a maturing and accepted part of the online media landscape.

There has also been a greater convergence between blogging and the mainstream media. What has come from the Report is that many bloggers feel their medium is ascending – in fact, 69% of those polled by Technorati think that blogs are taken more seriously as sources of information than ever before.

Another interesting fact, however, is that only 35% of the bloggers questioned get their news and information from blogs over other media sources, whilst only 31% think that newspapers will not be able to survive over the next decade. The majority of bloggers believe print will survive into the next decade.

Technorati concludes that bloggers realise they are moving along with the momentum of online media activity, but seem reluctant to claim the throne of print media for themselves.

This could well be due to the fact that so many current bloggers out there – both on an individual basis and the corporate bloggers – have worked as traditional newspaper editors and magazine journalists as little as three years ago.


One Response to “Bloggers overtaking mainstream media – long overdue?”

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