Why you should integrate social media into your marketing mix

December 6, 2009

One of the toughest challenges facing marketers is not only of how to utilise social media tool and techniques to benefit their businesses, but also how to integrate social media into traditional marketing campaigns.

Integration appears to be an issue. I think the subject should be tackled slightly differently. Maybe a more productive way to tackle the issue of incorporating social media tools into the marketing mix is to consider making social media a key platform for all marketing messages, rather than sitting it on top of traditional marketing hierarchies.

Content is still King

One of the ways social media can win for businesses is by placing their content at the very heart of their marketing. We all know that audiences, including Google, value content and regularly uploaded fresh content above all else. The content dominates the relevance and positioning.

Producing quality content, however, takes time, expertise and experience – many London-based agencies have invested heavily  in ensuring their clients get the very best content production and distribution services possible – both online and offline. The Bristol media creatives do not seem to have embraced social media marketing methods with the same vigour and passion.

Effective, quality, timely content integrated across a range of social media platforms represents one of the most powerful ways our clients can gain attention online, win engagement from a number of different sources and sites, as well as providing a cost-effective, multi-channel distribution method for their marketing content.

But how to manage effective integration? And without considerable time and money investment?

This is the issue which many marketers seem to think blocks them from integrating social media into their marketing today. And I have some simple suggestions to assist here. One of the ways social media can deliver for businesses is by placing social media content at the heart of their marketing campaigns.

Work the networks

One of the most confusing and intimidating elements of social media to uninitiated marketers can be the sheer number of networks – faced with integrating marketing campaigns, it may appear to be a time-consuming job without any tangible return on investment. Not so, on both counts.

For example, taking content distribution: how powerful would it be for your company’s marketing efforts if you could post one set of content, but instantaneously, across a number of social media networks, with the click of a mouse? This is easily achieved with the right social media software.

Get clever with content

Think of the effort, time and resource which goes into producing and distributing a specific DM mailer, an e-shot, a newsletter, a promotional product advertising campaign – all have different messages, different tones, and reach different audiences at different times. Very expensive.

Think global – but act regional

With social media techniques, it is possible to reach a global audience on different networks, easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

And this is just one example of how social media can be integrated into your overall marketing campaigns.

How powerful would it be for your company if you could post one set of content, instantaneously, across a number of social media networks?


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