Bristol Editor wins online publishing deal

November 17, 2009

Ever noticed how most Editors don’t seem to highlight much in the way of positive news these days?

Not this guy.

A strong believer that when you give you receive, it is with great pleasure that the announcement of an online publishing deal can today be made – and it’s from myself, actually.

I’ll be adding comment to the web site from 01 December, in the form of a weekly column, covering journalism, social media, online content, regional media issues, business bits, and the odd rant about crap PRs and bland marketing.

I thought it would be, more importantly, an excellent opportunity here to promote the sterling editorial work being carried out by Chris Brown’s site on my blog. A bit of shameless self-promotion is fair enough, but my main aim is to highlight the brave standpoint of Brown’s editorial and online values. Here’s a guy who’s passionate about News AND the Web.

I’ve been singing the praises of this fantastic site since the Summer, mainly due to the fact that the Editor there Chris Brown is a great journo, but also because he really gets the digital opportunities available for British journalism – and he’s grabbing them, too. The readership of the site has risen considerably in recent weeks, and with good reason. It’s bloody strong content.

Anyway, looking forward to adding value where possible with the column, and if you’re wondering where else you might find my musings and ramblings, check out here if you’re interested. Well, it keeps me off the streets.


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