Very cool blog on Media Start-Ups here…

November 5, 2009

…from Adam Westbrook’s blog today concerning journalism new ventures – an essential checklist to consider.

I particularly liked point 8 on Westbrook’s checklist for start-up success: ‘Would it be fulfilling for journalists to work for?

This got me thinking. When was the last time as a journo or Editor you really, truly, completely loved working in your current newsroom? Are you fulfilled, challenged – and rewarded – every day? Is your obsession to keeping deadlines noticed? Ever?

Maybe an additional point to go on your checklist, Adam, should also be: ‘Is it run by Editorial and not Advertising managers?’ This would certainly tip the scales for me, having seen many, many Editors de-motivated and ground down by the money-men and number-crunchers. A journalism start-up run by the writers for the absolute benefit of the readership? A novel idea indeed.


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