Great post on News accuracy…

November 1, 2009

…from Freelance Unbound here.

Apparently, readerships in the States have issues with news accuracy – or lack of accuracy from journalists.

Less than 30% of readers polled felt confident in the facts presented to them by reporters in American newspapers – shocking statistics, or an indication of the lack of trust in traditional media? Is online reportage, via bloggers and tweeters, becoming the new journalism in which the masses will gravitate towards? Only time will tell, but the early indicators are not positive for the old-school Hack, according to the facts highlighted in this excellent media blog.

Personally, I think if News-gathering doesn’t wake up and embrace the variety of tools and techniques available, readerships will continue to move away from traditional newsroom reporting and more towards the sources of news in the places where they want it – ergo, audiences looking for news will find it where they want it. This usually also includes the most trustworthy sources for them, as they see it at that time.

So, to build trust, what to do? How about engaging your readership, in the medium they want, when they want it, and in a style they can relate to? This is perhaps the biggest lesson regional UK media managers have failed to learn in the last three years.




2 Responses to “Great post on News accuracy…”

  1. Greg Watts said

    Absolutely. And let’s have some original stories, not just reheated ones from other newspapers, or PR blurb dressed up as news.

  2. bristoleditor said

    Thanks Greg – robust, upfront inputs. Perfect!

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