State of the blogosphere – read it & weep?

October 23, 2009

Not really, but Technorati’s annual report makes for fascinating reading.

The state of the blogosphere – apparently we are taking it more seriously and bloggers are finding it easier to blog now with authority than ever before. And bloggers are certainly attracting more kudos as content creators. Competing with hacks, in fact – just look at the case study of the Huffington Post in the USA to see where British Blogging could go with the right push.

I would say this new-found seriousness applies to the one-man brand bloggers, rather than the corporate bloggers working within an organisation and not gaining the limelight, of course. These marketers are not branding themselves, big difference.

But, ultimately, anything which raises the bar for blogged content is, I think, a good thing. Great research from Technorati, too.


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