“Adapt to digital or die” – we get the message.

October 20, 2009

Re-iteration of a point made consistently for months now here, and although it is aimed primarily at creative ad agencies, it’s relevant for anybody in a creative space. And yes, that includes you, newsroom journalist. You, too, need to go digital now.

Damien Blackden makes solid points, but we’ve heard it all before, to be honest. For a long time now. And to me, it raises simply one question.

If you’re working in creative industries, why wouldn’t you adapt to digital ways of doing business, and quickly, given where audiences are migrating? Anything less is surely a form of commercial suicide.

Well, the senior management in regional newspapers aside, of course – unless they know some cosmic secret the rest of us haven’t been allowed to access as yet regarding the state of journalism offline in the UK.

Oh crap, I’m being sarky again about the media managers in print. But, having done my time in Northcliffe Group, and seen the erosion of the motivation of literally 100s of talented journalists and editors across the UK , it gets a little hard to sit back and let the inefficient management carry on nailing our editorial talent to the cross of outdated management models anymore.

The choice? Simple really.

Do yourself a favour – get out. Fast. Run to the nearest organisation which embraces content, digital, online and is serious about offering you, as a trained media professional, an industry-level salary. Enough is enough! Or, carry on moaning in the newsroom, until the axe falls and you’re left moaning at the Job Centre.

Remember, adapting and moving on is a sign of strength not weakness in British journalism. I know, for me, adapting has meant surviving and retaining a successful content-based career.

Actually, the thought of still being in a traditional newsroom fills me with dread. Phew, lucky escape.

Or did you actually expect a job for Life? Really? Oh dear.


2 Responses to ““Adapt to digital or die” – we get the message.”

  1. I just read Gary Vaynerchuk’s new book, Crush It last week and he was talking about exactly this; the need for everyone to be building their personal brand online – he mentioned journalists particularly.

    It’s depressing to me to see how many industries Just Don’t Get It and there’s going to be a lot of individuals suffering until people work it out. A huge number of people just don’t understand that the rules have fundamentally changed.

  2. bristoleditor said

    Thanks Kirsty

    Totally in agreement with you – the rules have changed, and the majority of management don’t get it. Easiest solution? Head in sand, cutback editorial staff. Bingo.

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