1,200 applications for 1 editorial post? Life after journalism…

October 15, 2009

Great article here from www.journalism.co.uk, indicating that a recent Sunday Times vacancy for an online reporter has attracted more than 1,200 applicants for the position. The article then goes onto discuss what’s left after a life in Journalism for the out-of-work, redundant, laid-off Hacks out there.

I think a bigger question comes from this – if you’re taken out of the newsroom, perhaps it’s time to stay out?

After all, there are a plethora of other content-based positions which give as much if not more job satisfaction, more security, more money, and – in all likelihood – a better work/life balance. Oh, how I love the 13-hour days on deadline.

Online content production, blogging, tweeting, copywriting – there are endless opportunities to continue to craft compelling content when the redundancy axe crashes its blow through the newsroom. Heck, journalists may even have to learn digital skills.

Would you apply for a position on a daily newspaper ever again, or seek brave new frontiers to deliver your content? I’ll pick the latter option, thanks.


One Response to “1,200 applications for 1 editorial post? Life after journalism…”

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