A PR firm with about as much use as a chocolate fireguard…

October 13, 2009

(Re-posting this after an inquiry about the worst example of bad PR I’ve seen. Think of it as educational rather than critical)

…and the dubious award goes to these guys.

A huge thumbs-down to the PR Directors at PR firm Dada.co.uk today: following a mis-pitch yesterday on behalf of their client Whyte & Mackay, in which a press release on the drinks firm’s re-brand was sent to a printing industry-based Newsroom (ie mine) a follow-up email was sent by myself, asking the PR Account Director to remove us from their irrelevant PR issues.

Email received back, apologies accepted, we all move on and continue to cypher the 250 daily emails from PRs.

Or so I thought.

This morning, another email from a different PR Account Director at Dada, telling me about the wonders of how Whyte & Mackay are using Twitter to promote and launch Campaigns for consumers. Fabulous. And totally irrelevant. Again.

Many thanks to the second PR Director at Dada – this guy. He was too busy to take my call earlier, asking if they could actually confirm that they had removed our newsroom email address from their database, and if they would please, please, please stop PR Spamming us. Too busy to talk to the Press? Another clanger for a PR firm to commit.

So, in the absence of a decent resolution, here we are.

To top it all, Dada’s PR pitch on their site claims that ‘No-one can offer you a PR service like DADA’ and – for completely the wrong reasons – I am now inclined to agree.

Now pass me that chocolate fireguard, it could come in useful.


2 Responses to “A PR firm with about as much use as a chocolate fireguard…”

  1. Harsh! You could have at least updated the post pointing out that I got in touch with you and explained – in part – why you had been contacted twice by different people in different offices, that you were on a Gorkana database saying the material being sent was relevant to you.

    And, as I did point out at the time, yes, sometimes people can be too busy to answer the phone right away. It’s not just journalists who are strapped for time these days.

    (Like you, I’ve moved on anyway – and good luck with the new venture, but just thought you could have updated the post in the interests of accuracy.)

  2. bristoleditor said

    Hi Craig

    Great to hear from you, and I appreciate your comments and overall update. It was an interesting experience.

    Really pleased that you’ve moved from Dada PR – and, it appears, taken the Whyte & Mackay account with you!

    I did appreciate your follow-up contact at the time – more than can be said for the other associate’s approach at the sister office of Dada PR. Ho hum.

    Good luck with the Contently-Managed proposition, too: the site looks good.

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