Throw me a digital lifejacket, the regional news Titanic is going down…

October 6, 2009

Interesting to see from this story today a hyperlocal newswire launching across 12 UK cities – but are we hopeful, or watching another attempt to galvanise a regional news industry which is dying away at the hands of the internet and free content?

So much has been written about free content, digital content, hyperlocal content, de-constructed content et al lately, it leaves me wondering where journalism students go when they graduate. It certainly isn’t into regional newsrooms in the UK.

Valiant efforts by redundant journalists to keep local news going, but when the majority of the British audiences are moving away from offline news and selecting content from online news, blogs, twitter feeds and the like, it begs the question what can – realistically – be done to save the neolithic dinosaur that is the regional newsroom. I struggle to see any solution, and I’m a mostly-positive Editor too.

Suggestions? Jump off the sinking News Titanic and await for digital rescue?


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