Despite whining, most journos still happy with the industry

September 17, 2009

Interesting findings here, according to this excellent article and the European Digital Journalism Survey 2009 results. It would appear that the majority of journos – touching nearly 70 percent – are happy with their lot and proud of their editorial products, despite the advance of digitalisation in the newsroom.  Hurrah.

Let’s face it, locating and generating news is more effective, readily-available and profitable than ever before, thanks to the web and online social media networks such as Twitter. Unfortunately, many traditional Hacks seem stuck in nostalgic self-destruction.

If I had to be back in the daily onslaught of a newspaper News Editor again, faced with a 3pm deadline, I know I’d rather be able to utilise web-based tools and techniques to get the job done, rather than the neolithic methods used when I came fresh-faced and green from NCTJ training. Kids these days never had it so good, and all that.


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