10 Ways to immediately guarantee PR failure

August 31, 2009

The main reasons why editors will automatically bin your media relations could well be from the following no-no list:

1. Your press release isn’t actually relevant to the readership

2. You don’t have an interesting, unique or different story to tell

3. The press release is just a worded version of a sales pitch

4. You have missed the editorial deadline – or don’t even know when that is

5. You haven’t read the publication (online or offline) and have submitted a poor attempt at gaining column inches

6. You haven’t found out the name and email of the editor and have sent a generic, no-named email

7. You haven’t submitted accompanying images in high-quality, professional format with your press release

8. Your feature ideas are not backed up with case study examples

9. Your facts and statistics contained in the press release are not attributed

10. The press release is, basically, poorly-written and would take too much work to turn into a decent editorial piece

Any 1 or more of the above points combined will pretty-much guarantee you a strike-out. Guilty?!


2 Responses to “10 Ways to immediately guarantee PR failure”

  1. Speaking of PR disasters ..

    You may not have yet heard of the farcical legal case that is currently hitting the press in Germany.

    Jack Wolfskin is suing 60 craftspeople from a website called Dawanda.com – in which homecrafters sell their home-made sequinned, stitched, and glued products.

    They all use an image of a paw print – which Jack Wolfskin’s lawyers believes it has universal rights over ! (Please note : that’s any paw print at all !)

    All will receive a demand for almost Euros 1000 – which if not paid within 3 weeks will lead to a case against them for 20-30,000 Euros !!

    Here’s a good article in English to explain


    My own case is on my blog here – and should give you a laugh .. if nothing else .. “Call of the Wolves, Jack”


    Spiegel.com, Focus.de, Werbeblogger.com, die Taz – all report this story with amazement !

    http://www.focus.de/digital/internet/jack-wolfskin-tatze-abmahnwelle-gegen-hobby-designer_aid_446159.html and http://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/netzpolitik/0,1518,655890,00.html .. doubtless after the events of today (http://www.werbeblogger.de/). Tomorrow we will likely see it in all the German papers – and hopefully across Europe too

    For those who understand a bit of German – here’s the German crafters discussion thread : http://en.dawanda.com/topic/21/2539526?page=83

    You may need the google translator to copy in german and read english : http://translate.google.com/#

    I ask that you and your families support these 60 craftspeople by refusing to buy goods from the brand Jack Wolfskin until this matter is resolved. Please also kindly pass word of this matter on.

    The German press has made this a big story – If anyone has good ideas about spreading the word in other (your respective) countries – please kindly let me know.

    Only public pressure can stop such corporate bullying !

    With Kind Regards

    Jolyon Yates

    Some of the work of the dark criminals available by request

    • bristoleditor said

      Well Jolyon what can I say?

      Thanks for your inputs and a compellingly thorough addition, highly relevant in terms of the original posting too. Happy to publicise it in this space for you.



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