Top 10 ways to gain an Editor’s attention…

August 23, 2009

Here’s a starting point: if I had to define the Top 10 things to remember in delivering good PR to the media, they would be:

1. Remember it is the story that counts, not the ego

2. The editor is not your pal, he is a media professional looking for editorial of interest to a discerning and fussy readership

3. Your PR will be competing with many other stories and news items hourly

4. Make sure you have something different, interesting and unique to offer

5. Get to know your target publications and media thoroughly before you make any direct PR-based contact

6. If your PR gets knocked back the first time, deal with it. Be persistent and take a different angle next time

7. Make sure you supply outstanding images with all PR submitted

8. Remember that there are different rules of media engagement for online vs. offline media

9. PR yourself widely, across as many sources, publications, forums, blogs, tweets as possible

10. Get ready to deliver consistent, month-after-month PR. One-off hits usually under-deliver


4 Responses to “Top 10 ways to gain an Editor’s attention…”

  1. chris g said

    Perhaps you could tell people what it is an editor is looking for in hiring a reporter, both trainee and senior. You hear all the time from teachers etc, but what exactly are you guys looking for when hiring someone. So far, it doesn’t seem to be working for me, and I’ve done everything….

    Scan my blog here, – if you do reply, I might blog your answer….

  2. Number 7 is an overlooked golden rule – an immediately avilable picture can be the make or break for editorial, especially near deadline. Take away those barriers between journalists/editors and the images…

  3. Anna said

    In response to Chris G, Editors are looking for someone that they will have to do minimum babysitting for – i.e someone who can write well already, immediately pick up the kind of stories their paper likes, snoop out scoops and be flexible with work hours – i.e not clock-watch. Hope this helps.

    • bristoleditor said

      Great comments, many thanks!

      The pictorial element is particularly important, and one of the most irritating PR tricks is to include no images, instead requesting specific contact from the Editor to get hold of associated images – so they can count this as ‘direct contact’ to the Client on their monthly report. Bah.

      In terms of what Editors are looking for in trainees? Mainly, NTCJ quals these days, plus bags of enthusiasm, an obsessive interest in people, and the ability to actually write. If you don’t love words, stay out of the newsroom! End of.


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