Nice sentiment Jeff, but how will competing newspapers collaborate?

July 27, 2009

Great inputs, as always, here from Jeff Jarvis – and yes, collaboration surely lies the grassroots of survival for journalism.

But, the biggest challenge is surely how to get competing newspaper publishers to collaborate to create sustainable opportunities: I recall working on a newsdesk within a regional publisher delivering two local dailies across a region, and being amazed to see no tangible co-operation or collaboration between the journalists, editors and number-crunchers there – and they were part of the same newspaper Group! The attitude was “If it isn’t directly in my remit, I don’t want to know”. And this is typical in regional journalism across the larger publishers across the UK.

So, Jeff, in the light of a complete lack of any desire, motivation or reason for these guys to collaborate – even in the midst of fighting for commercial survival – how exactly will they come to a place of collaboration? I am struggling to see solutions.


2 Responses to “Nice sentiment Jeff, but how will competing newspapers collaborate?”

  1. In a sense, they collaborate just by linking to each other: Go there because they did it and I didn’t and that lets me do something else. (Or as I put it in PowerPointese: Do what you do best and link to th rest.) when you link, you send value to the other. You give the other support. You collaborate. That’s one way, the beginning.

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