2.2 billion new online users can’t be wrong…

July 24, 2009

At least, those are the figures according to this post.

New markets are opening up daily, with the increase of internet users across the world – the impact of this on Western publishers has been seen only too readily in the last 18 months: heck, the big boys have been hit so hard that editorial staff are still counting the cost today – and will be for months to come, it appears.

So, if there are a predicted 2.2 billion more internet users coming from Eastern countries, why is there a stubborn persistence ot look to print as the route forward by some? Isn’t it painfully clear by now that the strong will survive online?

Content is still king, but the market has moved. If you’re not focusing on the online offer, why not? Make changes in your approach to editorial and onlince content – before it’s too late. Still amazed here at companies not utilising the internet.


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