Embrace digital or die

July 13, 2009

In light of this today, it seems clear where the winners are residing in Medialand.

Interesting to see the top tech firms riding high in the Guardian Media 100 for this year, but given the economic state underlying commerce, no real surprises. The power of the internet and content combined continues to dominate firms in our space.

However, it’s likely that we’ll see further cutbacks, job losses, business closures and related dropouts in coming weeks, as traditional media firms, PR agencies, old-school publishers, Dickensian newspaper managers and the like refuse flatly to embrace change and integrate online into everything they do.

And the result? More journos knocking on the doors of local councils for press office jobs, or maybe considering for the first time to leave newsrooms and enter the Dark Art of PR in agency-land. My money would be with the digital marketing agencies: at least as a content creator with NCTJ credentials, there is some hope following the harsh reality of redundancy.

It’s a thankless task, trust me: I’ve been there, and seen many a Hack suffer a slow and painful professional death at the hands of a commercially-bereft, cold-hearted account director in the past. Of course, there are some good ones out there too!

So, what’s the message from the Guardian Media team this year? Pretty simple. Embrace the digital age or die.


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