Blogging content takes a beating

July 1, 2009

Well, according to this it does.

Statistics from the Guardian’s Charles Arthur highlight that the mass consumer is migrating with incredible proliferation to tweeting and facebook status updates, rather than spending time writing and posting blogs: Arthur goes to suggest that time is a factor. As always, most people will take the easiest, least-effort path to content creation.

But, the argument for blogging – certainly in terms of marketing strong content and attracting potential customers, media readers and building loyalty with existing clients – all form a powerful case for the continued influence of blogging.

After all, despite the fact that – according to the New York Times – 95% of all blogs are being abandoned for quicker forms of content provision and distribution, it is still very much the case that despite the billions of blogs out there which have died and been forgotten since the blogosphere really took off in 2004, blogs are still read and given significant attention. If the content is good. A blog selling stuff soon fades, but a blog giving advice, hints, tips and insight stands the rigours of Twitter and the like.

More importantly, for me, although tweeting and linking on facebook gives a snapshot, a brief indicator of attitude, business ethics and other micro-indicators, the true test of endurance will come from a sustained, thoughtful, insightful blog site.


2 Responses to “Blogging content takes a beating”

  1. chris g said

    “A blog selling stuff soon fades”

    Read Yaro Starak’s entrepreneurs-journey blog. I think you’ll find you are wrong about that comment!

    • bristoleditor said

      Hi Chris

      Many thanks for the comment and the link – much appreciated.

      In general terms, from my experience, most flog blogs do not thrive: to see an example of one (stresses the word ‘one’) doing well is, of course, encouraging.

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