Time for journalists to stop moaning and upskill…

June 17, 2009

Following this report to the House of Commons, in which analysts predict the closure of 50 per cent of all local and regional newspapers by 2014, it begs the question – what will happen to the redundant journalists?

Will they be able to successfully navigate their skillset online, or into corporate comms roles?

What would you do – would you ever, in all honesty, ever accept a newsroom position in the UK again? Is it worth it?

The smart Hacks are already brushing up their online skills, learning new packages with which to operate via the Internet: take a look at the editorial jobs boards across the country: companies are crying out for digital content editors, web editors and similar.

It’s not so much that the editorial positions are redundant – more that the industry’s ability to adapt and survive appears to be redundant. The one constant thing in life is, after all, change. Stop moaning and starting upskilling.


2 Responses to “Time for journalists to stop moaning and upskill…”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Journalism as a trade is facing a future radically different from how it is currently perceived – and taught. Just as typesetting doesn’t exist anymore as a defined trade, so journalism could be entirely recast by changing technology and patterns of media consumption.

    Try the excellent Recovering Journalist blog for an insight into why this isn’t as scary as it might be…


  2. bristoleditor said

    Many thanks for the inputs – and the fantastic content on your blog! Good to see positive attitudes out there.

    With you all the way on the typesetting comparison: there has been so much overkill in recent months on the death of newspaper journalism, and yet a seeming ignorance of the simple fact that the audience/consumer/readership are demanding content in different ways, and if journos don’t upskill and get web-side, how can they hope to thrive and survive in the new global news economy?

    Really useful link too!



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