The Burger King approach to content – have it your way…

June 15, 2009

Not as flippant as it may first appear: content needs to be delivered the way readerships want it, and we’re seeing this now more than at any other time in the history of journalism. Printing presses falling left right and centre. Editors scrabbling for jobs.

We’ve all seen the plethora of stories pertaining to the death of traditional media in recent weeks, and the ongoing redundancies in newsrooms across the UK continues virtually unabated, it seems. Thousands of print journos out on their collective ears.

The pressing human need in these sorts of situations is a need to blame someone, anyone, to make sense of the employment loss. We’ve seen commentators, as times including myself, blaming the publishing behemoths for not adapting, not looking at the market demand and creating new, meaningful ways of connecting with readerships to preserve their future and protect the newsrooms. It appears the media managers have failed. But are they to blame? Not really, they only know what they want to.

Fascinating post here from Chris Brogan on how a newsroom might look in the future, and his proposals for new ways in which content can be delivered to readerships. I think most of his ideas are solid, valid and worth investigating.

But the problem, at least in the UK, will ultimately remain one of cost. If adapting and surviving means significant financial investment, the big boys have been seen to take the easier route of shedding editorial staff instead. My personal thoughts of ditching under-performing ad sales employees is usually a last option for the number-crunchers, as they see some pertained value in the targets the sales guys try to hit. And miss. After all, ad guys are bringing revenue into the business, right? Right?!

Content drives interest, attention, sales and stimulates customer loyalty. Content is the key factor, not the adverts. Strewth!

Some of Brogan’s ideas concerning linking in content and adverts are pure inspiration. Let’s see what arises from it.


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