Don’t journos ‘get’ Twitter?

May 29, 2009

Judging from this story, it appears not.

Then again, coming from a traditional daily newspaper background myself, it’s taken me a good nine weeks or so of observing before deciding to engage with Twitter, set up an account, get tweeting and try to fathom out what the latest social media tool can do – not just for the Press, but for personal networking and Brand-building.

There are countless examples in my contact database of individuals and businesses which are gaining exposure, positive coverage, even cold, hard cash from being a part of the tweetosphere. As with all social media, it takes time and commitment – things which many newsroom journalists are lacking today, given the backdrop of cutbacks, recession and mal-management.

Time will tell – and that, of course, is the precious commodity which most deadline-driven media folk don’t have. Ironic.


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