A Golden Era for Journalism?

May 12, 2009

Good debate raised today from this article, concerning the so-called Golden Era of journalism in which we apparently find ourselves, according to Adrianna Huffington. It is, on balance, a Golden Era for news consumers, as she points out, rather than the editorial staff across newsrooms globally who are seeing their resources, salaries and in some cases livelihoods, slashed.

Whilst I agree that its never been easier for news consumers to find their editorial – with the plethora of online and offline sources opening up weekly – the pressures being placed on journalists in both traditional newsrooms and online hubs is increasing – not least because of the apparent inability for advertising sales staff to cope with reduced interest from advertisers in newspapers and magazines. Hundreds of thousands of journalists made redundant, their fates sealed by ineffective sales guys…or so it seems.

I am a huge advocate of the ‘take charge, stop moaning and make the changes’ approach.

Yes, of course, it is hard to retain this attitude when your Boss tells you you’re being given the chop, the fact remains that editorial must work harder with advertising departments to find, secure and increase revenue streams. Producing great content simply is not enough anymore, as we’ve seen.

How to more fully integrate editorial and advertising functions remains the biggest crux in a content-based organisation, and unless the senior managers start to realise they are two different functions in the business, we’re all screwed. Back to basics!


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