Passionate blogging vs. professional reportage: where next?

May 1, 2009

Interesting article here today.

The various differences between bloggers and journalists are outlined in a clear, effective and rounded way. I agree with the huge impact of blogging with passion, versus the professional training and inputs instead given as a journo.

But, to be fair, I believe alot of quality journalism in the UK is also written with great passion too. There is a place in our contemporary media landscape for both to co-exist.

Possibly the most interesting development for me, as a print journalist-trained Editor who also blogs, has been to observe the switch to blogging by the media. Just look at the newspaper presences online to see evidence of this.

Ultimately in the News market, as in all other market, the customer demand drives products and services. If the media don’t respond to reader demands for content in more accessible ways, the readership migrates elsewhere. Why else, do you think, that so many regionals have shut up shop? Because their outdated business models cannot sustain them.

The evolving media models over the next 18 months will either preserve certain publications, or consign them to the editorial graveyard in the sky…I, for one, hope the larger UK newspaper publishers wake up and start treating their newsrooms as a vitally-important resource, rather than a financial liability.

Maybe the bloggers will win the demand for content in the end. But where will the journos go?


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