Don’t forget digital options in your media search

April 20, 2009

Interesting story here from the Guardian today.

It would appear that there are more and more hyperlocal news sites being launched, which raises questions for those looking to talk to the Press on a regular basis – other journalists, PRs, companies, man-on-the-street-readers and the like.

If you have a variety of different mediums for the same news, all from the same source/newsroom, how do you pitch an editorial item? With an online bias? A standard newspaper or magazine piece? How would you submit images, for the web and print, or separately? It gets confusing!

It all comes down to the standard form of good practice when dealing with the Press. These standards are:

1. Do your research

2. Get a specific journalist’s name and contact details

3. Research the target publication

4. Be aware of different style and content in the online and offline publications

5. Don’t cut and paste contacts to the Press – write a new and specific, tailored email every time

6. Remember that if your story is strong, the item should sell itself


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