Failing media machine? The Internet won’t save you!

April 16, 2009

Interesting story here regarding a Finnish newspaper which has seen revenues falling since they ditched the printed version and published solely online.

It reminds us that readers go for strong content as the main reason they engage with a publication. And a hugely-relevant point is made in the story: a reader may be with the online product for one and a half minutes, compared to an hour and a half spend with the printed version. Tells us something about brand loyalty in modern readerships, perhaps?

If the seemingly-doomed media machine is entering the equivalent of a publishing Ice Age, it looks as if the Internet may not necessarily represent the Dawn of a new online Sun, after all…

I would favour a mix of online and offline: perhaps in the format of a regularly-updated, funky, modern, usable online version, with print-on-demand versions for subscribers still keen to physically handle the publication.


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