How to successfully pitch an Editor

April 8, 2009

We’ve seen some seriously-awful examples in the last 6 months of how not to pitch the press.

So, here’s a top 10 list of the proper way to do it:

1. Read the publication – cover to cover, online and offline and get to know the style, content, tone and issues discussed

2. Make sure your content is emailed to the relevant editorial contact well before the deadline you’re pitching

3. Only speak to an Editor if you are pitching an exclusive idea to them

4. Never, ever, ever ring an Editor to ask if they received a press release and if it is of interest

5. Submit all images at 300dpi resolution – works well for both newspapers and magazines

6. Offer to provide regular content columns and commentaries if the Editor is receptive to this form of editorial

7. Don’t contact an Editor on deadline day

8. Prove you understand media relations basics by submitting exactly what is required, on time, without fuss

9. Put yourself in the Editor’s shoes – consider their readership at all times, not your PR and commercial aims

10. Remember that your pitch is one of hundreds an Editor receives – have something unusual, unique, interesting to add.


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