Would you collaborate with a media competitor to survive?

April 1, 2009

Interesting question – and in the light of today‘s article from the team at HoldTheFrontPage – a particularly relevant one for newsroom staff and freelance journalists alike across the UK.

It appears that the proposed media mergers may not be such an attractive and sustainable proposition after all. With expected in-fighting, ongoing cutbacks, and the impossible attempts to merge different newspaper ideologies on a regional basis, there may need to be a re-think on how to keep the British newspaper industry afloat in the regions.

No coincidence, then, that the 108-page report submitted for consideration by the leading regional publishers currently lobbying the Government to relax the rules on mergers are also keeping the details of their document private at this time. Perhaps it contains reading which regional editors would find hard to digest?

Perhaps the focus remains firmly on the number-crunchers cutting editorial – even in the simple fact that balance sheets for many of these leading regional publishers continue to highlight significant profitability across titles.

The report and attempted moves to regional merger will provide slim comfort to the thousands of journalists across the UK already feeling the pinch of greed-laden Management. Would you collaborate with a competitor to survive?

Would you – really? Many newsrooms may be asking themselves this pressing question at the moment. Your answer?


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