The passing of the Hack?

March 30, 2009

Great media analysis here today from Nick Cohen, on the passing of the Hack…and how bloggers could become a more trusted source of news and information in the future. More important and trustworthy than even the mighty BBC.

It’s an interesting proposition – if the Beeb continues cutting the numbers of journos, as do many other Media channels, and pushes for its editors to chase and re-angle News from some of the stalwarts of National news, such as the Telegraph, Guardian and Mail, as an audience we start to question the integrity of that content.

And we all know, ultimately, content is king, whether or not Management and the number-crunchers realise this simple, long-standing fact.

With fewer and fewer reliable sources of content, online audiences are increasingly turning to the bloggers, which raises separate issues of what will become of the professional journo, the newsroom Hack? It is a further Death Bell?

Time will tell.

But if  Cohen‘s predictions and statistics are to be believed, the passing of the Hack could be upon us in less than two decades. A brave new world? Not quite, but I’ll certainly be blogging more, that’s for sure. Hail the news-blog!?!


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