The disintegration of local news…what’s your story?

March 27, 2009

Interesting blog here covering the disintegration of news coverage regionally in the States, from the ex-City Editor of the Winsconsin Rapids Daily Tribune.

The point of particular interest, for me, are the numbers covering the decline in the amount of local content being placed in the paper – the rot seems to have been ongoing for years. There have been similar patterns in the UK regional newspaper market, of course, as any editor will tell you.

Content cuts which have hit communities hard. Reader interest drops, advertisers wane, businesses switch off…the rot continues until the regional office is either closed and merged into a central operation – a favourite trick of Northcliffe Group – or we see yet more journos consigned to the redundancy queues across the country.

Wish I could provide something a bit more upbeat on a Friday afternoon – the blog, however, does highlight an ongoing and worrying trend in the slow and painful death of regional news globally. What’s your story?


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